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We already have collaborations with some well-known eSports and gaming brands.

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Real gamers don’t compromise. CVGamerhave therefore designed a gaming case which fulfils the requirements of even the most ambitious gamers. The 24-inch screen in the familiar 16:9 format provides a razor-sharp 4k Ultra HD resolution and displays the content at a brightness of 300 cd/m2, which is perfectly matched to the human eye.You therefore have everything in view at all times, even in a relatively bright environment. At a native 1,000:1 and/or dynamic 2,000,000:1, the contrast is very high, and also offers first-rate sharpness when you’re on the move. This also allows your console to apply its full power to the screen.

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We use Streamcoi to automate overlays, animations and chatbot messages for our YouTube and Twitch streamers.

Streamcoi makes our work a lot easier because we don't have to worry about OBS being setup correctly by the Influencer. The reporting is also clear, accurate and provides everything we need!

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Uber Eats

Uber Eats has finally launched in Germany and is already available in some cities.

We are happy to have a strong partner who still has a lot of plans in Esport.
Let's look forward to great tournament series and delicious food together

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noblechairs offers optimal comfort for anyone that spends a lot of time at a desk. Inspired by the most exclusive cars in the world, noblechairs combines the latest ergonomics and sports-inspired design for the demanding individual.

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