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Head-to-Head for Money

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There aren't any active cup for the head to head game mode, check back soon!
⚡️PRIMETIME: Best time to find matches between 5-11PM daily.⚡️

How it works?

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You can download our App in the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store.


Game Mode 1v1

Open the App, click Play, choose Game Mode 1v1 get matched and play an online friendly.


You can find the mode in the app here:

Stream & Play

Stream to twitch straight from your console - takes 2 clicks - we show you how.


Rank & Win

We track your score while you play and pay out the winner.

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How our Ranking works:

The higher your division the more points per win & less games that count. However you can play countless matches to improve your matches that are counted.
Lower rank - more matches, less points.


Refer a friend and receive Bonus Cash to receive a free entry per referal.



We offer different Prizepools every week. They usually consist of real money prizes for top 1-5 and FIFA Points or other rewards for the rest. Check out the current rewards in the App.


Head to Head FAQs

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